Object Genres (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Object Genres hierarchy contains broad classifications of objects. Specific object types should not be placed with a preferred parent in this hierarchy. Object Genres contains terms that are very general in scope or purpose (e.g., "reproductions,” "documents," or "objets d'art," "antiques," "collectibles"). Also included here are terms for very general forms of objects, regardless of material, (e.g., "balls (object genres)," "chains (object genres)"). Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for more specific object types, including structures, images, and texts (e.g., "chairs," "churches," "portraits," "transcripts") appear in other hierarchies of the Objects facet. Terms for constituent parts of other objects (e.g., "handles") are found in the Components hierarchy; those for objects used as materials to form structures, images, or other objects are found in the Materials hierarchy (e.g. "brick").
Object Genres
Accepted term: 17-Jun-2024