Single Built Works (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Single Built Works hierarchy contains terms for freestanding buildings and other structures commonly considered individual built works or architectural types (e.g., "museums," "basilicas," "palaces"). Terms for single built works cover a range from complex buildings to minimal accessory structures (e.g., "apartment houses," "cow sheds," "arbors"). Also included are constructions providing no enclosure or shelter (e.g., "signal towers"). Some structures may be relatively small and exist as accessories to other built works (e.g., "fountains," "tombs"). Relation to other hierarchies: Some terms located in the Single Built Works hierarchy (e.g., "schools (buildings)," "libraries (buildings)") have a counterpart institution to which they are linked via associative relationships (e.g., "schools (institutions)"). Terms for the structural systems and individual building parts (e.g., "balloon frames," "garage doors") are found in the Components hierarchy. Rooms, spaces, and other large building subdivisions (e.g., "kitchens," "ells") are also found in the Components hierarchy.
Single Built Works
Accepted term: 10-Jun-2024