Weapons and Ammunition (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Weapons and Ammunition hierarchy contains terms for implements and mechanisms designed to be used as a means of physical attack or defense. Included are terms for hand-held weapons (e.g., "swords"), ground- or carriage-supported weapons (e.g., "artillery"). Also included are terms for hunting weapons (e.g., "boar spears") and for objects derived from weapons but used for purely ceremonial purposes (e.g., "dress swords"). Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for materials that can function as weapons or ammunition are in the Materials hierarchy (e.g., "explosives"). Terms for armor and other forms of protective wear (e.g., "shields," "flak jackets") are in the Costume hierarchy. Terms for armored or weapons-carrying vehicles (e.g., "warships," "tanks (military vehicles)") are in the Transportation Vehicles hierarchy. Terms for objects used both as weapons and as tools are found in the Tools and Equipment hierarchy (e.g., "hammers"). Terms for containers for weapons and ammunition (e.g., "scabbards," "powder flasks") are with other containers in the Furnishings hierarchy. Terms for firearms used purely for target shooting are found in the Recreational Artifacts hierarchy, while those for firearms used as weapons in combat or hunting are found here. Terms for components of weapons or tools (e.g., "blades," "arrowheads"), are found in the Components hierarchy, with a partitive hierarchical relationship at a high node level here.
Weapons and Ammunition
Accepted term: 10-Jun-2024