Furnishings (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Furnishings hierarchy contains terms for objects that are primarily movable, provide comfort, convenience, or protection in dwellings, places or business, or other public or private spaces. They may be useful or ornamental and may be used in indoor or outdoor spaces. Former trade names for particular types of furnishing that have come to be used generically are included here. Relation to other hierarchies: Objects having the primary purpose is to serve as storage receptacles or other forms of container (e.g., "candle boxes," "footlockers") appear in the Containers hierarchy. Permanent installations integrated into the fabric of buildings (e.g., "altars," "choir screens") appear in the Components hierarchy. Timepieces and meteorological instruments (e.g., "tall case clocks," "barometers") appear in the Measuring Devices hierarchy. Terms for the shapes of furniture pieces appear in the Attributes and Properties hierarchy (e.g., "bombé"). Terms for constituent parts of furnishings (e.g., "footrests") appear in the Components hierarchy; also in that hierarchy are terms for architectural elements that often appear on furnishings (e.g., "arches," "pediments"). Abstract or stylized motifs and conventionalized patterns (e.g., "gadrooning," "trefoils"), which represent a visual vocabulary used throughout the decorative arts, appear in the Design Elements hierarchy.
Accepted term: 17-Jun-2024