Sound Devices (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Sound Devices hierarchy contains terms for devices used to produce sound, whether musical or nonmusical (e.g., "calliopes," "drums (membranophones)," "megaphones"). This includes instruments played in musical performance, those sounded in the context of religious or other ceremonial occasions, sound producers serving to signal or communicate, and implements used with instruments to produce sounds. Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for sound pitch attributes (e.g., "soprano," "bass") are found in the Design Attributes hierarchy. Terms for devices that produce sound but which constitute integral building systems (e.g., "burglar alarms," "intercom systems") are found in the Built Works Components hierarchy. Terms for parts of sound devices (e.g., "resonators," "mouthpieces") and for implements used to set the sound-producing mechanism of a device into operation (e.g., "plectra") are found in the Object Components hierarchy, with a partitive hierarchical link at a high node level to this hierarchy.
Sound Devices
Accepted term: 10-Jun-2024