Transportation Vehicles (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Transportation Vehicles hierarchy contains terms for vehicles designed to carry or convey merchandise, materials, or passengers across a distance on land or through water, air, or space (e.g., "coaches (carriages)," "sedans," "aircraft," "bicycles"). Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for groupings of transportation vehicles (e.g., "convoys") or networks of transportation equipment (e.g., "bus transit systems") are found in the Object Groupings and Systems hierarchy. Terms that refer to constituent parts of vehicles (e.g., "fuselages") are in the Components hierarchy. Terms for objects that can be used to carry people or goods but are primarily or originally intended for sports or play (e.g., "pedal cars") are found in the Recreational Artifacts hierarchy, and those for farm or construction equipment, not originally designed to transport, are found in the Tools and Equipment hierarchy (e.g., "bulldozers").
Transportation Vehicles
Accepted term: 17-Jun-2024