Recreational Artifacts (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Recreational Artifacts hierarchy contains terms for equipment and accessories used in a large array of activities engaged in for personal satisfaction or amusement during leisure time. Included are terms for playthings, personal fitness equipment, and other devices used as pastimes or during competitive play. Relation to Other Hierarchies: Terms for sets of recreational artifacts (e.g., "chess sets") are found in the Object Groupings and Systems hierarchy. Terms for sports and athletic equipment worn on the body (e.g., "crash helmets") are found in the Costume hierarchy. Terms for objects used in sports but originally intended or based closely on offensive or defensive weapons (e.g.g., "épées", "javelins") are found in the Weapons and Ammunition hierarchy. Terms for objects that can be used in sports or play but are primarily or originally intended to carry people or goods over a distance (e.g.g., "sleds", "canoes") are found in the Transportation Vehicles hierarchy. Terms for types of figural representation not intended as toys are found in the Visual Works hierarchy (e.g., "kachina dolls"), with a high level node having a non-preferred parent here in Recreational Artifacts.
Recreational Artifacts
Accepted term: 17-Jun-2024