Costume (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Costume hierarchy contains terms for objects worn or carried for warmth, protection, embellishment, or for symbolic purposes. It includes descriptors for garments considered as the main item of dress (e.g., "shirts," "trousers"), terms for garments worn under the main garments (e.g., "undershirts"), and terms for garments worn over the main garments (e.g., "parkas"). Also included are terms for protective wear, including types of armor; vestments and other ceremonial garments; uniforms; and an extensive listing of accessories, including those worn on the body (e.g., "headgear," "footwear") and those carried on the person (e.g., "evening bags," "parasols"). Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for accessories that involve measuring (e.g., "pocket watches" and "wrist watches") are in the Measuring Devices hierarchy. Terms for accessories that are weapons (e.g., "pocket pistols" and "dress swords") appear with other forms of weapons in the Weapons and Ammunition hierarchy. Terms for objects that may be used in the grooming and care of costume or the person (e.g., "clothes brushes," "nail clippers") are in the Tools and Equipment hierarchy. Terms for objects used to store or transport costume or other personal effects (e.g., "glove boxes," "suitcases") appear in the Containers hierarchy. Constituent parts of costume (e.g., "busks," "waistbands") appear in the Components hierarchy, which has a non-preferred, partitive hierarchical relationship to the Costume hierarchy.
Accepted term: 10-Jun-2024