Information Forms (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Information Forms hierarchy contains terms for textual, graphic, and physical objects having the primary and original purpose to record or convey specific information. Titles of particular texts are excluded, except where they are used to refer to a broad category of works (e.g., "Bibles" is included, but "Tale of Two Cities" is excluded). Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for typeface and scripts (e.g., "Caroline minuscule") are in the Components hierarchy; "information forms components" having a non-preferred partitive parent here. Terms for two- and three-dimensional works created to communicate primarily visually, especially to communicate expressive meaning rather than specific information, appear in the Visual Works hierarchy (e.g., "still lifes"). Types of prints used primarily to reproduce documents and technical drawings (e.g., "blueprints (reprographic copies)") which, though produced by light-sensitive processes are not considered photographs, appear here, while photographs and photomechanical prints are found in Visual Works. Terms for many types of financial documents are found here, while items that specifically are used in the exchange of goods or services or in the settlement of debts are found in the Exchange Media hierarchy.
Information Forms
Accepted term: 10-Jun-2024