volumes (documents by form)

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Scope note
Objects comprising sheets of paper, vellum, papyrus, or another material that are bound together. Volumes may include printed books, manuscripts, sketchbooks, or albums. Where the parts of a historical volume have been dispersed, records for the individual sheets may be linked as a historical volume for research purposes. Given that an album contains individual drawings, prints, or other art works that have been mounted, the drawings, etc. in an album may be cataloged as items and linked to the record for the volume. For intact books, manuscripts, and sketchbooks, the illuminations or other parts may be better cataloged as components rather than items. The term may also refer to a separately bound portion or division of a written work or series that is divided into two or more sections, each contained in a separate binding; generally, multiple volumes of the same work or series are of similar dimensions and contained in similar bindings.
Accepted term: 27-May-2024