Glasgow style

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Scope note
Scottish variation of Art Nouveau that originated at the Glasgow School of Art and flourished from ca. 1890 to ca. 1920. Chief among its proponents are Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Herbert MacNair and the sisters, Frances and Margaret MacDonald. When Francis H. Newbery (1853–1946) became director of the Glasgow School in 1885, his teachings were influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement that stressed an art that combined functionalism with beauty while encouraging individuality and experimentation among its students. The journal “The Hobby Horse” (begun in spring 1884), expressed a desire for the unification of old and new and a harmonious relationship between abstract lines and masses. The style was further developed through the increasing popularity of Celtic revivalism taking root in Glasgow at the time. The style begins to dissipate with the coming of World War I.
Glasgow style
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024