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Scope note
Cultures and styles of the Sakizaya people lived in Taiwan. The Sakizaya people used to be perceived as identical to the Nanshi group of Amis and gained official recognition in 2007. The most Sakizaya people are living in the Qilai plain and the northern tip of the Huatung valley and Taiwan’s east coasts. Tribes with a denser population are located in the Guofu Village and the Townships of Beipu, Shuilien, Jichi, Maliyun and Shanxing in Hualien.In 1878 the Qing army attacked the tribes of Sakizaya and that of the Kavalan and the incident was known as the Takubuwan Incident. The Sakizaya bore the brunt of the strike and migrated to mingle with the Amis people who shared a cultural similarity with Sakizaya.
Accepted term: 20-May-2024