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Scope note
Malalikid is a major Sakizaya festival. Pre-ritual welcoming of the ancestral spirits such as minahanah practiced in the Maliyun tribe and padongi’ in the Sakur tribe is essential to the Salizaya way of worship. Other proceedings include visiting the mourning families and tribe forum foreground the importance of mapalaway i.e. the Salizaya priest. Another practice that distinguishes the Maliyun tribe in Ruisui Township from the Amis around Xiuguluan River is that they hold bihkac, a bird-catching ritual. In miliwliw, a ritual in which the Salizaya youth is summoned, shows how the social organization based on age class known as masaselal occupies a central place in collective mobilization in preparation for annual festivals.According to report of the Sakizaya scholar, Hong Qingyi (2008), members of the age class system are to gather rattan and butcher a hog to collect its liver and heart for ceremonial purposes. On the first day of the festival, men bring game and meet at dabek (men’s hall) for a purging dance; the welcoming of spirits and announcement take place in the morning on the following day, and all men are to have lunch with their age class fellows in a banquet. Guests are feasted on the third day with continuous singing and dancing. Finally, people go through pakelang (“collective fishing”) and group chat to reflect on the undertakings to mark the end of celebration and return to everyday life.
Accepted term: 17-Jun-2024