Manila hemp (fiber)

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Scope note
Strong fiber obtained from leaf stems of the species Musa textilis, native to the Philippines. Not related to true hemp. It was exported to Europe and elsewhere in the 19th century and is now cultivated in Central America. Fibers are lustrous and range in color from cream to light purple, brown, or black, varying in texture from silky to stiff. It is used for rope, especially in marine environments since it is buoyant and does not swell in water. Coarser fibers are used for heavy cordage, twine, hats, hammocks, manila paper, and tissue paper. Fine, glossy fibers are used for carpets, tablecloths, placemats, purses, rugs, and clothing. Waste fibers are used for papers with high wet strength, such as tea bags.
Manila hemp
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024