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  9. [main garments for the upper body]
  10. jackets (short coats)
  11. spencers
Scope note
Close-fitting jackets of waist length or shorter, often trimmed with fur and worn by women and children in the 19th century. Also, similar outer garments without fur worn for warmth; use especially for those worn by men in the 18th and 19th centuries. Cropped, long-sleeved top coats, traditionally ornamented with military frogging, worn for both indoor and outside use predominately during the Regency era. Original invention is credited to George John Spencer, the 2nd Earl of Spencer, who supposedly introduced the style in the 1790s as a popular menswear trend after the tails of his coat were severed in an accident. A womanswear version of the coat was soon adapted to complement the high waistline of the chemise or round gowns so popular at the time. For cropped, spencer-style womenswear jackets worn with gowns in the Regency era, see "canezous."
Accepted term: 20-May-2024