Kuba (Caucasus)

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Scope note
Caucasus floor coverings woven in the vicinity of Quba in northern Azerbaijan, with major varieties woven near the towns of Perepedil, Divichi, Konaghend, Zejwa, Karagashli, and Kusary. They are as a group the most finely knotted Caucasian rugs. The Perepedil shows a highly geometrized floral design on a blue or ivory field. The Konaghend most frequently features a large central medallion. The Karagashli usually contains isolated elements from the Persian avshan "sprig" or harshang "crab" designs. The most common type of large, red-field Caucasian soumak rug was woven in the nearby town of Kusary.
Accepted term: 27-May-2024