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Scope note
Refers to a Chinese Neolithic culture of the middle Yangzi River basin dating from ca. 4400 to ca. 3300 BCE. Its name comes from a site at Daxi Wushan in Sichuan province; other important Daxi sites are Guanmiaoshan Zhijiang and Honghuatao in Hubei province and Sanyuangong in Hunan province. Ceramics are the most distinctive Daxi artifacts, with hand-built red wares predominanting. The techniques of painting, stamping, cord impressions, incising, appliqué, and openwork are all used; chevrons, flower petal designs, and intertwined curvilinear and triangular designs are common motifs. Upright vessels such as deep-bowled dou and ring-footed bowls, plates, and cups are the most important Daxi vessel forms. Stone tools and ornaments such as rings and necklaces made of jade, bone, stone, and shell have been found at Daxi sites.
Accepted term: 08-Jul-2024