Suryavarman II

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Scope note
Refers to the style and period of Middle Angkor surrounding the reign of King Suryavarman II (1113-1150 CE). The style of this period is driven by the expansion of the Angkor empire and the foundation of the exemplar state temple Angkor Wat. Style of sculpture during this period features narrative low relief in continuous narrative sequences that represent passages from Hindu religious and mythical texts, and exhibits the predominant color red as a symbol of veneration. This use of shallow relief ensured the harmonious juxtaposition of the whirling, frenetic figures carved into the frieze and the distinct clean linearity of the architecture. Among the minor relief figures of deities decorating the walls of shrines, the element of sensuality dominates. Sculptural themes reflect narrative finesse, royal ambitions, kingly heroic deeds, and detailed characterization of just and wicked figures achieved through exaggerated proportions and intricate costume attributes.
Suryavarman II
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024