Angkor Thom

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Scope note
Refers to the style named for the site of the last of the royal capitals of the Angkor kingdom. Artistic productions in this style include the Royal Square of Angkor, a plaza space featuring the temple of Phimeanakas (late tenth century), the two Khleangs (early 11th century), the Baphuon (mid-11th century), and the Bayon. Style of sculpture features large scale monuments of guardian figures such as Indra riding his three-headed elephant. In the site, telamones in the form of royal beasts and human-animal hybrids support and brace the Royal Terraces. Other supporting walls feature sculptures of deity figures arranged in various registers corresponding to different levels of metaphysical existence. Frieze reliefs on temples exhibit elephants in war and hunting scenes. Sanctuary structures in the site feature towers adorned with large-scale sculptures of guardian faces that are situated at various levels.
Angkor Thom
Accepted term: 22-Jul-2024