slubbing billies

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  10. slubbing billies
Scope note
Mechanized devices, typically comprising a wooden frame, a sloping apron or feeding cloth, and a series of drawing and winding mechanisms, designed to lightly twist and further reduce the thickness of cardings or slubbings. The resulting product is thus strengthened to better withstand subsequent spinning processes. Developed as an offshot of the spinning jenny, these devices have the capacity to draw out entire rows of carding or slubbing simultaneously due to the presence of 30 to 50 spindles on which drawn out cardings/slubbings can be wound onto bobbins. However, due to the labor intensive nature associated with operating these devices, they were largely superceded by more techologically advanced wollen condensers in the 1850s.
slubbing billies
Accepted term: 27-May-2024