spoon holders

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  7. [containers by function or context]
  8. culinary containers
  9. [containers for serving and consuming food]
  10. [accessory containers for food service]
  11. spoon holders
Scope note
Vaselike forms, typically made of glass, which resemble celery glasses but which usually have a scalloped rim and are frequently made to match tableware patterns; intended to be used on the dining table to hold spoons. For similar vessels, typically of glass, also used on the dining table and intended to hold stalks of celery, use "celery glasses." For vaselike forms made of glass, wood, or bone and intended to be placed near a fireplace or lighting device, use "spill holders." For footed vessels in the center of which is a column with a pierced gallery for the suspension of spoons, use "spoon stands."
spoon holders
Accepted term: 22-Jul-2024