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Scope note
Refers to an 18th-century Indian school of painting associated with the princely state of Kishangarh in central Rajasthan. Like other Rajput painting styles, it is somewhat indebted to contemporary Mughal painting. It is distinguished by its religious intensity and individualistic facial type consisting of pointed chins and noses, deeply curved eyes, and serpentine hair locks. Panoramic landscapes are often the background for the illustrated scene. An important patron during its formative phase was Raja Savant Singh (reigned 1748-57), who was himself a poet and devout member of the Vallabhacarya sect. The series of paintings of Radha and Krishna are particularly noteworthy. It is speculated that Savant Singh's lover may have been the model for the Kishangarh facial type. Nihal Chand is the master artist credited with transmitting his patron's romantic and religious into fresh visual images. The Kishangarh school continued at a lower level of achievement until the mid-19th century.
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024