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Scope note
Refers to a number of schools of Rajasthani painting found in the territory of Marwar in western Rajasthan, with its capital at Jodhpur. Painting in the far west of this region was geographically remote enough to be affected little by Mughal courtly styles; its compositions remained simple and have a distinctive angularity akin to folk art. Characteristic Marwar facial features include pointed noses, almond eyes, sloping foreheads, and pouting lips; a subdued palette of yellow, green and grey is generally used. Painting in the east of this region was more influenced by Mughal art. Marwar painting in the 18th century is more formal and courtly, with strong Mughal influence; it is epitomized by the artist Dalchand who was a gifted Mughal-trained artist working in Jodhpur. Later Marwar painting is known for its bold and exuberant coloration, swirling garments, and spiraling clouds. Marwar painting was at its most prolific in the early 19th century, particularly under Maharaja Man Singh (reigned 1803-43).
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024