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Scope note
A school of miniature painting associated with the Rajasthani State of Mewar, which was an important site for Rajput culture. The people of this region were rigorous upholders of Hindu tradition and were the last Rajput power to succumb to the Mughals. Mewar is one of the most important and prolific schools of Rajasthani painting from the 17th century or earlier. The style is characterized by bold outlines, vibrant coloration, and somewhat archaic conventions such as showing consecutive episodes of action in one image. Mewar's artistic traditionalism generally stood up to Mughal, Deccani, and European influences due to the conservatism of this particular Rajput court as well as to the traditional artist family structure. Artists consistently included Mewar-specific details such as local architecture and flora and fauna. The indigenous tradition of mythological and poetical manuscript illustration underwent a renaissance here in the 17th century. The 18th century saw more Mughal-inspired court portraiture and reportage. The style faded after 1947 when the princely states were dissolved and royal patronage came to an end.
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024