siana cups

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  5. Containers (hierarchy name)
  6. containers (receptacles)
  7. [containers by function or context]
  8. culinary containers
  9. [containers for serving and consuming food]
  10. [vessels for serving and consuming food]
  11. drinking vessels
  12. cups (drinking vessels)
  13. [cups by form]
  14. kylikes
  15. [kylikes by decoration]
  16. siana cups
Scope note
Black-figure kylikes whose bowl and lip are usually separated, often by a painted line creating two horizontal zones. They either have two separate types of decoration or decoration exists primarily in the lower zone but may overlap into the upper zone. Siana cups are named for the village on the Greek island of Rhodes. The siana cup was one of the forms to predominate in black-figure until about 540 BCE.
siana cups
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024