droop cups

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  4. Furnishings and Equipment (hierarchy name)
  5. Containers (hierarchy name)
  6. containers (receptacles)
  7. [containers by function or context]
  8. culinary containers
  9. [containers for serving and consuming food]
  10. [vessels for serving and consuming food]
  11. drinking vessels
  12. cups (drinking vessels)
  13. [cups by form]
  14. kylikes
  15. [kylikes by form]
  16. droop cups
Scope note
Kylikes with a handle zone decorated with a chain of buds, the next zone usually decorated with upside down silhouettes of animals or other figures, and the base of the bowl decorated with rays and separated from the zone above by stripes.
droop cups
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024