breccia di Settebasi

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  4. Materials (hierarchy name)
  5. materials (substances)
  6. [materials by composition]
  7. inorganic material
  8. rock (inorganic material)
  9. metamorphic rock
  10. marble (rock)
  11. [marble by form or function]
  12. breccia marble
  13. breccia di Settebasi
Scope note
A breccia marble that is typically grayish violet with striking bright red or golden yellow streaks as well as oblong white, yellow, or red fragments. It originates from the island of Scyrus and is named for Septimius Bassus, who in antiquity had a villa sumptuously decorated with it on the Via Tusculana in Rome.
breccia di Settebasi
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024