Proconnesian marble

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  5. materials (substances)
  6. [materials by composition]
  7. inorganic material
  8. rock (inorganic material)
  9. metamorphic rock
  10. marble (rock)
  11. [marble by color or pattern]
  12. variegated marble
  13. Proconnesian marble
Scope note
A coarse variegated marble, quarried on the island of Proconnesus, present-day Marmara Adasi, Turkey, that is either gray, white, or white with gray stripes. Large quantities of this marble were imported to Greece to be carved into sarcophagi. Also called Cyzican marble because it was used extensively in Cyzicus, present-day Belkis, as it was in Constantinople as well.
Proconnesian marble
Accepted term: 22-Jul-2024