Mesua ferrea (species)

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  4. Living Organisms (hierarchy name)
  5. living organisms (entities)
  6. Eukaryota (domain)
  7. Plantae (kingdom)
  8. Angiospermae (division)
  9. Magnoliopsida (class)
  10. Rosanae (superorder)
  11. Malpighiales (order)
  12. Clusiaceae (family)
  13. Mesua (genus)
  14. Mesua ferrea
Scope note
Species of slow-growing tree that reaches 18 meters (60 feet) in height; cultivated in tropical climates for timber and for its form, foliage, and fragrant flowers. It has shining green, willowy foliage that is scarlet when young, and fragrant, yellow-centered, white flowers.
Mesua ferrea
Accepted term: 20-May-2024