Dactylopiidae (family)

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  4. Living Organisms (hierarchy name)
  5. living organisms (entities)
  6. Eukaryota (domain)
  7. Animalia (kingdom)
  8. Arthropoda (phylum)
  9. Hexapoda (subphylum)
  10. Insecta (class)
  11. Homoptera (order)
  12. Sternorrhyncha (suborder)
  13. Coccoidea (superfamily)
  14. Dactylopiidae
Scope note
Family containing two genera of scale insects found on cacti; abdomen not narrowed posteriorly; wax gland openings on dorsum; anal ring absent; wax gland ducts minute, arising from centre of cluster of sessile pores; setae stout and cut off at end. Molecular data suggest that cochineal scales are really just specialized eriococcids (Gullan and Cook 2001). These insects have been transported to all parts of the world as a potential source of red dyes, but are apparently endemic to the New World. Most occur in desert areas of the southwestern United States, Mexico, and central and South America. The true conchineal, D. coccus has been used as a source of red dyes for several centuries.
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024