Bombyx (genus)

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  4. Living Organisms (hierarchy name)
  5. living organisms (entities)
  6. Eukaryota (domain)
  7. Animalia (kingdom)
  8. Arthropoda (phylum)
  9. Hexapoda (subphylum)
  10. Insecta (class)
  11. Lepidoptera (order)
  12. Bombycoidea (superfamily)
  13. Bombycidae (family)
  14. Bombyx
Scope note
Members of the genus containing two species of moths that are native to northern China. When changing into the pupa state, the larva or caterpillar silkworm spins a cocoon made of silken filament that is used by humans to create silk thread.
Accepted term: 15-Jul-2024