Barb horses (breed)

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  6. Eukaryota (domain)
  7. Animalia (kingdom)
  8. Chordata (phylum)
  9. Vertebrata (subphylum)
  10. Mammalia (class)
  11. Perissodactyla (order)
  12. Equidae (family)
  13. Equus (genus)
  14. Equus caballus (species)
  15. Barb horses
Scope note
A desert breed of horse known for hardiness, stamina, and a fiery temperament. It has a powerful front end, high withers, short back, a sloping croup, and carries its tail low. It is hardy with clean legs, and small, round, sound hooves. The origins of the breed are uncertain, but it may have originated in northern Africa during the 8th century.
Barb horses
Accepted term: 08-Jul-2024