crazy quilts

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  6. furnishings (works)
  7. [furnishings by form or function]
  8. coverings and hangings
  9. [coverings and hangings by specific type]
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  11. [coverings and hangings for furniture]
  12. [coverings and hangings for sleeping and reclining furniture]
  13. bed coverings
  14. bedcovers
  15. quilts
  16. [quilts by pattern or motif]
  17. crazy quilts
Scope note
Quilts composed of pieces cut from many different textiles, often including rich velvets, satins, or brocades, usually in irregular shapes and sizes, and often embellished with fancy embroidery stitches. Done in press piecing, usually tied rather than quilted, and rarely contain batting.
crazy quilts
Accepted term: 22-Jul-2024