About the Tesaurus d'Art i Arquitectura

Art and Architecture Thesaurus is a terminological tool used all over the world to do accessible architecture, art and cultural collections. The TAA is a translation to Catalan of the Getty Research Institute English version. The format that present allows the access and also the consult of the terminology in English and Spanish.

TAA scope goes further of what his name indicates, the terms that appear, in addition to art and architecture, also includes those related with material culture, decorative arts , archaeology, archive material and similar disciplines. Temporal coverage of the TAA ranges from Antiquity until present.

In short, necessary conditions to describe documents, files, photographs, books and cultural objects of any type.

Although originally the TAA is strongly centred in the western culture, the scope nowadays is increasingly international and multicultural.

The TAA wants to be a vocabulary that evolve, grow and change thanks to the contributions of the users, always in accordance with the managerial of the Getty Research Institute and the Institutions that take part in his project.