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Scope note
The Materials hierarchy contains terms for a broad range of substances, from natural and synthetic raw materials to material products. Material products are included here rather than in the Objects facet because they can be used in the construction of various objects (e.g., "plank" for floors or walls), and because they are not necessary constituent parts of objects (e.g., "shingle" is not essential to roofs in the same way as roof ridges or eaves). Relation to Other Hierarchies: Terms denoting activities performed on or with materials are found in the Processes and Techniques hierarchy (e.g., "glassworking"). Terms for generic object types are found in the Object Genres hierarchy (e.g., "artifacts (object genres)," "images (object genres)"), while terms for materials themselves are found here (e.g., "metal," "textile"). Terms for tools used in the creation of images (e.g., "charcoal sticks," "pens") are in the Tools and Equipment hierarchy, while terms for the materials of which they are made or which they use are found here (e.g., "charcoal," "ink").
Accepted term: 10-Jun-2024