Containers (hierarchy name)

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Scope note
The Containers hierarchy contains terms for objects used to hold substances or other objects. Included are terms for containers intended for culinary use, for horticultural use, for health care, hygiene, and similar personal needs as well as terms for containers associated with liturgical, funerary, and other ceremonial activities. A concept for a container is placed in the hierarchy either with respect to the item's earliest historical use or where the term has its broadest meaning. Ancient vase shapes, however, have been placed by their Classical meaning or context, even though in some instances the term may be applied to vessels dating to before or after the Classical period. Relation to other hierarchies: Terms for devices used to measure in terms of standard units or fixed amounts (e.g., "measuring spoons") are in the Measuring Devices hierarchy. Large- and small-scale appliances and similar culinary equipment (e.g., "iceboxes," "coffee makers") are in the Tools and Equipment hierarchy. Terms for objects that may in some instances be considered types of container (e.g., "chests of drawers") but which more appropriately fall within the scope of other hierarchies, such as Furnishings or Tools and Equipment, are excluded here.
Accepted term: 17-Jun-2024